Golf - Why?

It was a partly sunny, breezy, but very chilly November day when 15 die-hard golfers teed off to play 18 holes. I started thinking, “what makes golfers play in 37 degree weather or even more specifically, why do we play golf?” I had to smile to myself as I thought of the many clichés describing the reasons we play golf and started to laugh when I began realizing how true they really are. I thought you might enjoy them as well.

The most popular reasons we play golf:

1. Golf is the game of a lifetime-When we are playing well it goes too fast and when it’s bad, mowing the lawn looks good.

2. Golf is exercise and social-Hit it and drag your partner or doing the “Walk of Shame” after we let our partner down.

3. Golf is therapeutic and a stress reliever-Sometimes more so for our spouse because we are out of their hair.

4. Golf gets us closer to nature-The sound of the birds in the trees and then the sound of the ball banging around in the trees!

5. Golf is a sport that allows us to be competitive long after other sports are not possible for us-And our stories of “Glory” aren’t from decades ago.

6. Golf allows all players, regardless of the level of ability to compete-Now we just have to be honest with ourselves on what level that is.

7. Golf builds character-Nothing like having to deal with your conscience.

8. Golf reveals character-Are you the person from “Caddy Shack” or “The Greatest Game Ever Played”?


I think these statements are all true. Young or old, we become hooked on the game after hitting our first high straight shot and begin our pursuit of more of those shots. The pursuit continues with as much passion as family and work will allow. And in most cases, family and work can be involved in golf.

Who doesn’t look forward to a regular game with their buddies and holing that putt on #18 to win $5.00? All the while, knowing that in just a few minutes it will cost twice that much in the lounge. Now that is what you call socializing!

Have you ever been the first player out in the morning or the last in the evening? Have you ever played right after a summer rain; the solitude and beauty of the golf course is calming and exhilarating. Golf brings us close to nature and that truly is a great stress reliever.

Have you ever worked hard practicing for your favorite event and had it pay off or have you been in the “zone” and see victory as yours for the taking? That is how golf can allow you to feel and be competitive long after other sports have gone by the wayside.

Golf permits all players, regardless of ability, to compete; i.e., Friday Best Ball allows four players of different skill levels to do battle with several other teams. One shot can help the team win. Every skill level can contribute.

Golf also builds character in so many ways. When you play with your children and they loose their temper after a bad shot, you discipline them and make sure they understand why behaving that way is not beneficial. Because the rules of golf allow you to govern yourself, character is revealed; i.e. in a match, upon reaching the green you realize you played the wrong ball, you call the penalty and accept the outcome. How many sports do you call your own foul? What a great example for all ages!

After recognizing that golf is a life long desire and game, the question becomes, “why play golf at Maxwelton?” This can be summed up in one word “People”. By people, I am referring to the members. Maxwelton has a great mix of personalities, ages, skill levels and education levels so you do not have to belong to a clique to fit in here, you just need to love the game.

This game called golf truly is like life; we get up and go around the same places and the results are different each day. Some days we make new friends while at the same time we continue to enjoy our old friends and the circle becomes bigger. If our idea of a great place to play is where it is easy to find a game, easy to fit in, has friendly competition and offers you a course that is well cared for, Maxwelton is the place for you.

Maxwelton’s reputation as a friendly place with excellent events and excellent course conditions is something we take very seriously. The staff has worked many years to attain this reputation, and 2008 will be no exception. We look forward to seeing you in the Spring and helping you have a great year of golf.

Think warm, think Spring,